God Is the Gospel

DVD (2 Discs)

Some people say forgiveness makes the gospel good news. Others suggest that being saved from hell or gaining freedom from a guilty conscience makes it good news. But the Bible tells us the gospel is good news not because of its many peripheral blessings, but because it brings us to God—and to utter delight in him as our all-sufficient and everlasting treasure.

This DVD set dynamically explores the ultimate good of the good news in six 30-minute sessions featuring the teaching of Pastor John Piper. Each session will enable you to embrace God as the gospel in every area of your life.

  1. Defining “God Is the Gospel”
  2. God Is the Gospel in Wonders and in Prayer
  3. The Love of God When God Is the Gospel
  4. Delighting in God Delighting in Us
  5. The Gospel: Event, Accomplishment, and Offer
  6. The Gospel: Application and Beyond

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DVD: $21.99
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