What's the Difference?

DVD (2 Discs)

John Piper commends the beauty as well as the biblical truth of Godís design for men and women in this 10-session DVD. Each 30-minute teaching session delivers a powerful message to help Sunday school classes, small groups, churches, and families understand and celebrate the freedom of our God-Given differences.

  1. Setting the Stage in Culture: The Secular Feminist Impulse
  2. Setting the Stage in the Church: The Tragedy of Feminist Agnosticism
  3. Recovering Biblical Manhood and Womanhood
  4. Complementarity as Godís Design in Creation
  5. Complementarity as Godís Design for Marriage
  6. Defining Male Headship According to the Bible
  7. Defining Female Submission According to the Bible
  8. Answering Objections and Questions
  9. Male Leadership in the Church
  10. Men and Women in Ministry for the Glory of God

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