Seeing and Savoring Jesus Christ

DVD (2 Discs)

In 2 Corinthians, the apostle Paul described one of the central problems facing humanity in every age: people fail to see Christ for who he is. Even those who have caught a glimpse of him do not see perfectly, says Pastor John Piper. But it is important that we not only learn to see Christ but to delight in him and the truth of the gospel.

This DVD set explores the meaning and significance of these ideas in a guided group study. Each of Piperís six, 30-minute presentations will equip you in directing peopleís understanding so that your group will learn to behold and delight in Jesus more than anything this world has to offer.

  1. What Does It Mean to See and Savor Jesus Christ?
  2. Seeing and Savoring Jesus Christ in the Gospel
  3. The Importance of Seeing and Savoring
  4. The Diverse Excellencies of Jesus Christ
  5. Jesus Christ: Sovereign and Submissive
  6. Is Following Jesus Safe or Dangerous?

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