Why Curricula?

The call upon the church by God is first to ďlove the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mindĒ (Matt. 22:36). The education of Christians in what the Bible says about God and man is not a hinderance, but rather an imperative in the Christian life.

Our curricula aims at helping you and your church do this: to see God through his Word more clearly and to love God more deeply.

The curricula available on this website has been produced by and used in the context of Bethlehem Baptist Church and its educational ministry, The Bethlehem Institute. Each course has been developed to educate Christians in the context of the local church, melding both head and heart, so that they see and savor Jesus Christ more dearly.

Our Curricula—Your Church

At BCS Press, much of our curricula is part of three series: the Foundation Series, Pillar Series, and Public Square Series. These series do not need to be studied in a particular order; however, they are designed to flow outward from the foundations of the Christian faith, to pillars of deeper theology, to the public square.

Each of the courses in our series is written in two forms: an Instructorís Guide and a Studentís Workbook. The Instructorís Guide provides all of the material an instructor would need to administer and teach the course. The curriculum doesnít require that instructors have prior experience in teaching or formal theological training. It is necessary for each participant in the course to obtain a Studentís Workbook.

Our Biblical Womanhood curriculum may someday become a series, but currently it is a single course. This curriculum is made up of a Teacherís Guide, Small Group Leader Guide, and a Student Workbook. DVDs of the author teaching the eight lessons are available as part of the Teacherís Kit.

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